her eyes look around as if hunting,

she stares at all the young boys, easy targets is what she calls them.

her 40 year old body kills her daily she is but a young being a visitor on this planet to say the least.

Her eyes is caught by a young what she thought to be a matriculation station boy… es so young, so fit, so strong, his tall basket ball like appearance sets her alight. The place is busy and she starts thinking of a plan to get him alone. his with a group of other men one with a afro that is out of proportion to the rest of him, another as dark as the night with a cap and a few others that keep communing those stood out other than the tall sport that she spotted. his skin light but dark enough to be a delight.

she stands up and go place herself at a table as if flowers on the table on the seat across the room. aligning her straight with him, he looks at her and smile greetig her shyly wit an uncertain hand gesture saying hi. she smiles looks down then look up at him and wink her left eye at him from under her long hair.

she has a dark appearance even though her skin as white as snow and her eyebrows stubby and untended. she was gorgeous and she will remain so for as long as she eats those delights nature so willingly throw at her.

she gives him time to simmer his eyes keep meeting with hers he speaks to other girls and commune with what he shouted “Ah dats my boi yo” she just leaves him be as the night pass he cant help but be curious to what it is this woman wants with him.

he walks over to her all confidant she stands up and walk toward him seductively takes off her gloves and stands in front of him still with the motion of walking she walks toward her standing close as the music is really loud he lowers his head and speaks into her hears his lips toughing it slight. “what are you doing here? an why are you alone?” she smiles and looks up at him, and slides her hand into his pants the rest of the room fade away just the two of them in darkness. he looks at her “so bluntly” he said to her his eyes not leaving hers.



the sun set and her playlist starts, its ever changing much like her likings and her being. she indulge in things that seem true but sci-fi to the untrained eyes the new melodies reach her ears and cause an effect. her hips start to sway to the beet. her hips stop and pause then move to each sound and melody. her body mostly on the matres but her hips lifted and moving sher spine like a snakes.she flips her hair up and lifts herself onto her knees on the bed swerving herself amost magically around her body seam to be peaking a language that only her spirit can understand and only she can speak it. as she move she removes her clothing alost rawly but it flows with her moving an sways of passion. her bare body stare back at the room and the empty room back at her. her hands slide accross her skin her thoughts travel to her place the only place of happiness the place only she has its her mind, her thighs rub against each other as she runs her hands over her erected being over her sot skin with loads of plave to hold on to she looks down at her pale skin and smile at her rosy roundness. her hands reach for her bottom and grabs onto it lifting it roughly as she dance, she wiggle and jerk her bottom asif caressing a mans crotch with it but alas its jut her and her mind. she grinds agains her bed and roles over onto it. grabes onto her blanket and pillow gripping it between her legs then turns to be ontop of it and grinds her chest, stomach and then crotch against her bedding lifting her head she pulles her hair from her saliva filled mouth and then out of her face looking at herself into the mirror her hands run down from her side’s to  her bottom she runs her hands over her big bottom and feels every piece of it her hands reach for her inner thigh and grobes onto the piece between her thigh and cheeks and parts them gently with a tight grip she lets out a moan and then lets it go her body calling him calling his name she let her piercing stowly stroke aginst the pillows edge as she stare at herself in the mirror then looks down at herself her thighs shaking and her being errected her heart pounding her mouth hot and her garden swolen

a moment in the arms of the sun

Its 6:47 AM the sun peeking through the trees and then reaches her window it seam to magnify the effect and bake onto her blanket. She can hear every thing the dogs barking in the distance the people moving in next door, the wind softly hums. Its winter in South Africa but today is a hot day. She smells the fresh ait and the ocean it makes her smile. Yet another reminder that she is once again home. The sun draws a line on her skin dividing her almost perfectly in half. Her eyes big and blue and filled with curiosity a child like smile on her face appear as she strokes her pale skin, “good morning beautiful” she said in a deep yet feminine voice with some accent that can not really be placed. Its now 7:00 AM and her alarm starts making a racket her smile fade as she hears it.

Her hands run down her pants, her fingers fin through her blossoming bush, her fingertips cold, she press down on herself and flowers as she feels her own touch.