the sun set and her playlist starts, its ever changing much like her likings and her being. she indulge in things that seem true but sci-fi to the untrained eyes the new melodies reach her ears and cause an effect. her hips start to sway to the beet. her hips stop and pause then move to each sound and melody. her body mostly on the matres but her hips lifted and moving sher spine like a snakes.she flips her hair up and lifts herself onto her knees on the bed swerving herself amost magically around her body seam to be peaking a language that only her spirit can understand and only she can speak it. as she move she removes her clothing alost rawly but it flows with her moving an sways of passion. her bare body stare back at the room and the empty room back at her. her hands slide accross her skin her thoughts travel to her place the only place of happiness the place only she has its her mind, her thighs rub against each other as she runs her hands over her erected being over her sot skin with loads of plave to hold on to she looks down at her pale skin and smile at her rosy roundness. her hands reach for her bottom and grabs onto it lifting it roughly as she dance, she wiggle and jerk her bottom asif caressing a mans crotch with it but alas its jut her and her mind. she grinds agains her bed and roles over onto it. grabes onto her blanket and pillow gripping it between her legs then turns to be ontop of it and grinds her chest, stomach and then crotch against her bedding lifting her head she pulles her hair from her saliva filled mouth and then out of her face looking at herself into the mirror her hands run down from her side’s to  her bottom she runs her hands over her big bottom and feels every piece of it her hands reach for her inner thigh and grobes onto the piece between her thigh and cheeks and parts them gently with a tight grip she lets out a moan and then lets it go her body calling him calling his name she let her piercing stowly stroke aginst the pillows edge as she stare at herself in the mirror then looks down at herself her thighs shaking and her being errected her heart pounding her mouth hot and her garden swolen

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